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The Early Light Ventures Fund is designed from the ground up to deliver incredible outcomes for the best founders in B2B SAAS.

We specialize in:

Moving fast and investing with conviction

Adding value with no overhead

Finding the best exit for everyone on your cap table

We are not

unicorn hunting

We back the underdogs that traditional VC has overlooked for too long.

We believe in the power of grit and ambition to deliver the win, no matter what's in your way.

We believe in a future of meritocratic entrepreneurship where anyone with the passion can become a founder.

Do you check

our boxes?

This is a guide, not a rule.

$100k + ARR

Less than 2M previously raised

Less than $150k monthly net burn

100%+ Net Churn

Clear product/market fit

High capital efficiency ratio

Our Value adds

"Early Light Ventures asks not what their entrepreneurs can do for them, but what they can do for their entrepreneurs."

Connections, connections and connections

We leverage our extensive network to help you fill your round, discover new opportunities, and find your next new hire.

A personal perspective

We take the time to get to know you, your company, the competition, and your market space so we can provide the best possible advice.

Lightning Fast

We close deals in record time - in as little as three days for the right founders.

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