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At Early Light, we're dedicated to supporting our founders in everyway possible. Don't take our word for it - see for yourself.

Early Light Ventures led our Seed Round and our experience with this group is as positive as it gets. As a founder, it’s amazing to find investors like ELV who are super knowledgeable about the fundraising process, share a similar philosophy on growing a great company and conduct themselves with sheer integrity. We are very grateful to be working with the Early Light team!

Melissa Kozak

Early Light are some of the most responsive, willing to help/open up networks, and founder friendly investors I’ve met. When the time came, they were my first choice to lead our seed round. If you have the opportunity to work with Early Light, for your own sake, I highly recommend doing so.

Joe Belsterling

Early Light gets it. As a startup, there are so many things that one can can be worrying about. Having a committed investor that works alongside you, makes introductions, jumps into the weeds when asked, and is just all-around supportive goes an incredibly long way. You get that in ELV.

Adam Segal

Early Light took the time to learn our business and understand it, and not just superficially. Others take a glance from 30,000 feet and want to tell you everything right or wrong with your strategy, approach etc. Not ELV, they dug in and learned about us, the space, the competition and our client use cases.

J Rollins

ELV is the ideal investor for entrepreneurs. They move quickly to get deals done, and they help you pull in other investors to close out the round. They leverage their strong networks to find new opportunities for the portfolio companies. ELV is no friction, 100% value add.

Eric Gastfriend

Early Light believed in us in a time where most investors were backing away from the live events industry. They saw the long term vision of our company and have been incredibly supportive ever since investing.

David McKay

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